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Tracksaw Launchpad

Tracksaw Launchpad

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This is a set of plans for a simple extension to an MFT bench that will either provide support when crosscutting for users with a regular 1.4metre guiderail who want to pre-plunge the saw fully before making the cut. Launchpad also allows a greater crosscut capacity when using a shorter eg 700mm guiderail, especially when squaring the rail against Benchdogs.

The launchpad is like a simplified version of the front rail riser of my DIY rail hinge - see my other plans - and is designed to be simply clamped to the front of your bench.

The plans are mostly aimed at Festool / Makita pattern rails - and their clones, Titan, Triton, Erbauer, Evolution etc…  but should also work with alternative rails, provided they have an underside t-slot.

There is a public-facing YouTube video (out Friday February 23rd at noon) that explains the ‘why’ of this build, as well as the ‘how-to’ - it's a very straightforward build, but I’d recommend watching the public YouTube video before making a start.

As always, plans are provided for you to make the item for your personal use, the design is registered, and all rights are reserved. Note that plans are supplied as a digital download; if you checkout as a guest the confirmation email will include your download link, and this is the only one you will receive, so please keep it safe.

Thank you! Peter

DIY MFT hardware video -

DIY MFT build video -

DIY Rail Hinge video -

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