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'10MW Router MultiJig' - Plain Jig

'10MW Router MultiJig' - Plain Jig

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The Router Multijig is the latest in the 10MinuteWorkshop product lineup and came about after fielding many questions regarding the basic plywood handle cut-out jig I've used regularly, and the idea of combining several of those cut-out shapes into a jig that would serve several purposes had a lot of appeal, both in terms of the product providing value, but also in broadening its reach to the widest audience possible.

I've previewed the MultiJig prototypes in a couple of recent videos - I'll link them below - and a free reference guid as well, but the jig covers seven broad use cases;

  1. Three types of handle cut-outs (butterfly wing, recess and D-handle)
  2. Four sizes of bar handle fixings positions (160mm, 128mm, 96mm and 64mm)
  3. A run of five holes on 32mm centres eg for shelf-pins
  4. Concealed hinge and hinge plate marking positions
  5. Offset dog hole extension for a traditional (96mm grid) MFT top
  6. Inline dog hole extension for alternative (128mm grid eg Wolfcraft) bench top
  7. Corner radii with R30, R22.5, R15 and R10 rounderovers.

There is nothing new in any of the above (maybe the butterfly-wing cut-out and the 128mm MFT extension holes) but I'm not aware of anyone else putting them all together into a single jig before. 

Like many jigs of this type you will need a plunge router fitted with a 30mm guide bush to locate it accurately, and also to make it quick and easy to change positions. The handle cut-outs are intended for a 12-13mm (half-inch) router bit, but changing the size of the bit and the guide bush will give a wide range of cut-out sizes.  

Because of the many functions, there are a variety of accessories that would be needed to get the most from the jig. 

For shelf pin holes I recommend a 4.76mm x ¼" shank router bit.

For bar handles I recommend a 5mm x ¼" shank router bit (NB bar handle screws are typically 4mm, but a 5mm hole give a little ‘wiggle-room’.)

For MFT offset or extension holes I recommend using a benchdog collar to locate the jig, either for standard 25mm benchdog heads, or 20mm quad-style benchdogs.

The MultiJigs is available in two variations; as a plain jig, and a ‘full bundle’.

This listing is for the plain jig consists of the jig, and a pair of 5mm clevis pins used to reference the jig off the workpiece edge as needed. There's a nice black cotton bag to keep it all in, but that's it. The plain jig is £35 plus VAT, shipping and handling.

The full bundle consists of everything included with the plain jig, plus a ¼" shank, 4.76mm spiral upcut bit for shelf pins, a ¼" shank, 5mm spiral upcut bit for bar handles, a pair of dog collars for 25mm benchdogs and a pair of 20mm dog collars for Quad-style benchdogs. The full bundle is £65 plus VAT, shipping and handling; Please see the other listing to purchase that variant. 

Note that the bits and accessories can be purchased individually elsewhere, links below.

The jigs are precisely machined from sustainably sourced Valchromat, and are designed and made here in Britain. The first run of the MultiJig has been cut and is currently being laser branded; I expect it to ship in the next week or so. 

Shipping is by Royal Mail 48hr tracked (domestic UK orders) and International Tracked (international orders) and there'll be a tracking number added to the listing when the label is printed; tracking becomes active when the package is in the system - usually the next working day. Any questions, just ask. Thank you!

There’s a feature-by-feature walkthrough video here -

And a free reference guide available here -

Preview videos:-

Systainer tool tote -

Wolfcraft MFT 3 quick fixes -


Router bits -

Benchdog Collars -


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