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Loose Tenon Jig Plans

Loose Tenon Jig Plans

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This is a loose tenon jig like no other - it duplicates the killer features of the Festool Domino (narrow and wide slots in a single jig) and includes mid-panel fixings, dowel-jig style edge referencing, and an easy depth setting gauge for your router, all in a pocket-money jig that's quick and easy to make.

I made mine from 12mm Birch ply scrap because I wanted it to look nice on a video, but the prototype was made from MDF and works just as well. You can use commercially available loose tenons (eg Dominos) or make your own, and this jig works with all sizes of domino without having to change the size of the slots.

I hesitate to use the word unique, but I've genuinely never seen any other jig that combines all those features into a single device. This is designed for 18mm sheet materials, and requires a router fitted with an 18mm guide bush; it will work on thinner stock if you pack out the face appropriately, and for thicker stock you'll need to make it with inserts the thickness of your material, and use an appropriate guide bush too.

All this is explained in the accompanying video out on my YouTube channel - Thank you!

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