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This is a set of plans to make a simple little plywood tool tote with a twist - the bottom tray can be left behind, or with literally a 180 turn it can be picked up in the stack, and the whole things fits in a t-loc systainer, too.

*Note that the plans are only available with metric dimensions - as are the Systainers the tote fits into.*

The design is based on one I made about 20 years ago, updated for the T-Loc systainer dimensions and with the added goodness of a bottom 'tray' that can be latched onto the stack, or left in the systainer - or back in the workshop. The supplied dimensions assume construction from 9mm plywood, and the while tote can easily be made from a quarter of a sheet (1220 x ~610mm) with basic tools, and there's a suggested cutting layout that preserves the grain orientation. 

The tote handle was made from a piece of 12mm offcut just for comfort, but 9mm will work just as well. There's a public-facing YouTube video - links below - that goes through every step of the build, so there's not 'plus' version of these plans.

As always, plans are provided for you to make the item for your personal use, the design is registered, and all rights are reserved. Note that plans are supplied as a digital download; if you checkout as a guest the confirmation email will include your download link, and this is the only one you will receive, so please keep it safe.

Thank you, and have fun!

YouTube video (live from 5/4/2024) -

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