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10MW LTJ+ Full Bundle

10MW LTJ+ Full Bundle

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The 10MinuteWorkshop Loose Tenon Jig Plus is a simple 2-piece flat-pack router jig made specifically to put loose tenon mortices in the face and edges of 18mm thick boards to make simple carcasses - cabinets, wardrobes, shelves etc... The Plus jig can also make holes on 32mm centres eg for shelf-pins, and there’s an assembly guide and video guide available for download - links are on the postcard included with the jig.

Designed with 5x30mm loose tenons (Dominos) in mind, the jig will work with other sizes and material thicknesses, with the appropriate bits and plunge depths. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only jig that allows for both narrow and wider mortice settings, without moving or altering a stop on the jig.

The jig is suitable for larger routers - the wings allow for easier clamping, with a clear ’safe’ clamping area - and is precisely machined from sustainably sourced Melamine faced Birch plywood; all markings are CNC cut for longevity, the jig is designed and made here in Britain, and ships globally from our London workshops. You’ll need a plunge router with an 18mm guide bush, and while the two parts of the jig can be simply glued or screwed together we recommend the use of the included threaded inserts with M4 machine screws to make the jig a knock-down item.

The Full Bundle includes the starter pack with a small pack of 5 x 30mm dominos, a 1/4” shank, 5mm spiral upcut solid carbide router bit, a 1/4” shank 4.76mm carbide upcut bit for shelf-pin holes, and a Trend 18mm guide bush.

NB. The Trend 18mm guide bush is for use with a compatible 1/4” and 1/2” router, and the 10MW Loose Tenon Jig. Trend routers and accessories are some of the most popular, based on the classic Elu, then DeWalt standard, but please note that their guide bushes don’t fit all routers. Many manufacturers offer an 18mm guide bush (sometimes called a ‘copy ring’) as an OEM item, and there are metric sets available from the likes of UJK. Some routers require a proprietary fitting, so please check carefully before purchasing; for your convenience the jig and starter pack is available without the guide bush, for you to source your own - please see my other listings.

3D printed guide bushes may be an option for those with non-compatible routers, and many are available on Etsy and eBay. If you get completely stuck please contact me as I may be able to point you in the right direction.

Shipping is by Royal Mail 48hr tracked (domestic UK orders) International Tracked (international orders) and there'll be a tracking number added to the listing when the label is printed; tracking becomes active when the package is in the system - usually the next working day. Any questions, just ask. Thank you!

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